Message from Rev. Stephen Okhutu. The Chairman, Okhutu Group

Stephen Okhutu

Greetings valued clients,

As we celebrate the growth of Royalty, I feel indebted to take you through the journey we have walked to developing today's business which is cerebrated by many of you as a leading brand in IT.

Before incorporation in 2010, Royalty Media & Communications Ltd was trading as Royal Communications simce 2007. Today Royalty is a member of the Okhutu Group of companies which include within its portfolio; A Communication Company, Hospitality & Toourism Companies, Education Company and Royalty which is an Information technology Company.

This growth is a result of the challenges that we faced in 2006 at the time when everyone was despising us for being poor. I remember the time when I lost my only daughter to Malaria because I could not afford paying for the hospital medical bill. I hated the experience of being poor and we had to work hard to change this trend.

The dedication and determination to change the trend of events also brought us closer to our clients that most them bacame our advisers and we have been working with them since then. In order to keep us going, they have voluntarily offered to make sales for us just to help us grow. Infact some of our clients even went to the extent of supporting us financially.

Whenevr I talk about Royalty, I know we have done nothing to be where we are had it not been for the grace of the Lord and our clients who have always supported us. Whenever we go out to work, this is what drives us; to reward our clients with the best services. We know this is hard to achieve and it is the very reason why we keep on doing it!

Rev. Stephen Okhutu
Chairman: Okhutu Group of Companies