What is School Management System?


TUSOME is a School Administration Program. It is a software package that aims at solving major challenges faced in the administration of schools and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. The system is one of the software developed by Royalty Media & Communications Ltd in partnership with the American Software expert, Les Richardson and it has been tested since 2006.
The system is now being used by over 20,000 schools and universities around the world and it is accepted for its being user friendly and the modern features which touches directly the problems and needs of school administrators.

 It is entirely web based and can run from a centrally located division wide server or a single computer in a school. It is designed to support an entire division on one or more central computers but can also work just fine for a single school. Currently several school divisions use this approach and have 15+ schools on a single central server. This is because it is designed to be lightweight both in server resource requirements and in communication bandwidth.

 It is secure. Each school has two or more virtual websites and each is protected with password(s). One site, the 'admin' site, is used by the school office and another, the 'teacher' site, is used by teachers in the classroom. The teacher site also has password access for entering attendance by teachers and also uses cookies that expire in a short period, further limiting access. Another site, a parent/student site, is controlled by parent/student user ID's and passwords. A fourth virtual site may be used by school liason officers from outside agencies to give them a slightly different access to school information. (Community Schools). A new version will support a single site using SSL to encrypt all traffic (like your bank).