Short Code Messaging


The "Short code Application" handles requests sent by mobile users based on SMS Keywords on a SHORTCODE.

Using the "Short Code Application", you can create your own contest, set keywords for that contest, add questions, create custom messages to be sent to a mobile user, add shortcodes to a specific contest and so on. When you create a new contest the short code application will give generate a link on which you can post the data coming in from the short codes. It also gives you the facility to view the data coming in from a contest, to check out all the received messages and the messages sent back as a reply to each incoming message.

This software accepts the data from short codes via an http link. Data from the short code can be directly forwarded to this application via an http link. The application then processes the data, depending on the logic fed in via the administrator interface and sends the reply sms back to the mobile user.

The software consists of two parts- the administrator interface and the short code integrator. Through the administrator you can feed in the logic for processing, add short codes to receive data from, add new contests, view details of currently running contests, and customize the messages to be sent to the mobile user in different circumstances and much more.