Scratch Card Management

 A Prepaid Messaging System that allows clients to purchase prepaid cards and send messages with ease.
 Coupon Management, Client Management & System Management are different modules that allow an administrator to  manage the system effectively.


Provides an Administrative Interface for easy management of the system.
Provides a Client Interface where clients can log-in to check account details, recharge account, send messages, check message logs etc.
Allows Clients to sign-up on their own and send messages after successfully recharging their account with prepaid cards.
Provides different Logins with differing access levels for access control.

Route Management

Allows to manage routes which connect to SMSCs/Providers.
Specify Provider details and other SMPP details here.

Gateway Management

Manage the creation, updation and deletion of Gateways.
Specify Route mapping for a Gateway.
Specify Cost Price & Lowest Selling Price for a Gateway. Specify Coverage for a Gateway.

Gateway Management

Manage clients. Manage Portal users.
Specify Pricing for Users on Gateways.
Assign Prefixes for users on various Gateways.
Check Various User activities through User Reports

Coupon Management

Manage the creation, printing, modification and deletion of ‘Live’ Coupons.
Manage the creation, modification and deletion of ‘Test’ Coupons.
View the Coupon generation and usage activities with various views through Coupon Reports.
Check Various User activities through User Reports


View various usage related and activity reports.
Check MIS reports such as monthly summaries.
View dynamic status related reports for ESME & SMSCs.
Query Reports for User & Coupon Status.

Status Reports

These are dynamic reports for monitoring user connections, sending activity & SMSC connections and SMSC submission activities.
Show queue at the ESME (User) and SMSC (Route) level.
Shows system status with uptime and store size.