Press Release (June 14th, 2012) With Emediate Release


For the first time in his life, Mr. Gerard Van Rijswijk, the senior Director Philips Electronics in Netherlands will make his maiden visit to Africa to help in developing the small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Uganda.

This initiative will start with Royalty Media & communications Ltd, an IT company in Mukono, a central business town in Uganda. Royalty has been offering a wide range of IT products since 2007 including services in Web Hosting, web development and of recent, a technology that can help school libraries to connect up to 100 monitors on only 1 CPU in order to save on the cost of power by 80%, cost of computer maintenance and the prevention of computer vandalism.

The Managing Director of Royalty, Rev. Stephen Okhutu reveals that Mr. Rijswijk will jet into the country on July 7th for a 14 days visit that will include establishing and promotion of a 1000 man sales team to help the company reach its sales projection of 6 billion Uganda shillings per month.
During this visit, Mr. Rijswijk will also interact with the business community in Uganda in a consultative meeting that will help Uganda's SME community to grow.

"We have asked Mr. Rijswijk to give us one day in a business consultative meeting with the business community in Uganda to help them discover how to develop lasting businesses." Rev. Okhutu revealed. he adds that this meeting, that calls participation of over 60 business people aims at exchanging ideas on how to develop businesses and establishing partnership with the Dutch business community. The state Minister for elderly and disability also acting state minister for Labor, Hon. Sulaiman Madada will also be a facilitator in this meeting to highlight efforts of the government in the promotion of the small and medium enterprises in Uganda.

A representative from the Organization of the Netherlands Senior Entrepreneurs, Ms. Ingrid Wilts is also expected to facilitate in the meeting in efforts to help growing businesses in Uganda find lasting partnerships with their counterparts in Netherlands.
Mr. Rijswijk is one of the many directors from the Dutch companies who have been coning to Uganda to assist in developing the SME sector in Uganda.

Royalty Media & Communications Ltd is an IT company established in 2007 by a group of University graduates who had failed on the job market for over 3 years.

Since its founding in 2007, Royalty has been at the centre of technological development especially in the rural communities of Uganda. The company is proud to have promoted IT usage to 40% of the civil society community in the district of Kayunga and Mukono with majority moving from the ordinary communication system to the use of Emails and the establishing of online presence for their transaction.

Recently Royalty launched two major products on market including TUSOME, a web base student information system that helps school administrators to report cases of indiscipline directly to the parent's mobile phone through an SMS alert. This reduces fraud from students who ask money from parents which the school has not charged. The CPU sharing technology which helps schools to share 1 central processing Unit on up to 30 monitors is another product that helps schools to cut the cost of power usage on computers by 80%.