Web Design & Hosting

Introduce your web presence and help in fundraising for your school or organisation. With our packages, you can easily be visible on the internet to help you meet your fundraising needs. This will also make you get customers from allover the world without meeting alot of costs.
At Royalty, we have a wide range of products that will help you meet all these needs as well as helping you to monitor the progress of your web presence.
We have tools that can help you to know who is using your website, where he is coming from and what he is doing on your site. The whole process is like monitoring your school or organisation right from your office.
With our technology, you can put all your photos, sounds and videos on the internet such that your site visitors may not need to visit your office in order to know what you are doing.
Recent study shows that majority of buyers are people below 50 years and these are the people who are always on the internet. This therefore means that if your target are the people within this age group, then you need to put your business where they are- on the internet.
The most important thing is that we use the technology which is so light that even the slowest internet can be used without more difficulties.
You also don't need to worry about data loss because we have disaster recovery technologies and backup systems that will always keep your data whenever you want it. Our systems does the backup automatically. We also manually do the backup every week just to protect you from taking risks.

What makes us proud

  • We are constantly investing in new technologies to help you experience this modern trend in Information Technology.
  • We always develop our team to help you discover how you can get the best from internet.
  • Our tradition of industry leading customer service, top-notch network relaibility always moves us
  • The biggest section of our clients come as referals from our old clients. This explains our reliability and client sastifaction.
  • Our team has a wide area of expertise ranging from marketing, media, research, IT, law and education among others. This gives a unique finishing of services we are giving you to help us move ahead of our competitors