Email Hosting

Do you need to promote your corporate image? Do you realise that a corporate email is one of the marketing tools you need in order to have people appreciate your brand?
As many people are still using free email accounts, you need to know this. A number of cyber criminals have misused free email accounts making them difficult to be trusted. You therefore need to promote your brand online through the use of emails on your company domain.
At Royalty we have costomised email bundles to suite your comporate needs.
Our Email plans come loaded with the folowing features;

  • Antispam
  • Antivirus
  • POP3, IMAP and webmail supported so you can use them even when internet is off.
  • Email allias to help you track communication from your domain
  • Catchall such that you may not miss an incoming email because the sender mistyped the address. the message will still reach you even when the address does not exisit on the domain!
  • Autoresponders to let senders know that the message has reached your inbox
  • Email2SMS so you can even send an email to a mobile devise as an sms.
  • Built-in mailing list wizard to help you make your own mailing list.
  • Bigger mailboxes
  • A variety of mail clients to use. ou can also synchronise the maibox to your own mail client.
  • To-do list and calenders
  • Future mail that allows you create a message that will be automatically sent at a scheduled time.
  • And many more features waiting...

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