What are the benefits of Virtualization Technology

1. Save power by 80% since the system will use 1 CPU to up to 100 monitors. we connect using low power consumption LCD monitors made from the European technology.

2. Save yourself from the risk of computer vandalism. Because the system may use only 1 CPU, vandalisation of the CPU may create a breakdown of the whole system. This makes it difficult for vandalisers.

3. Reduces the cost of computer repairs and maintanece by up to 80% since the whole system may operate on only 1 operating system and other necessary softwares. You therefore don't need to buy multiple software licenses. Also maintanence costs is predominantly on the CPU isntead of the would be 30 computer sets!

4. The system additionally calls for a local Area network which help in the easy sahring of data and other devices like the printer. In case of internet usages, the whole department/ school can easily share the same internet connection saving money on paying for individual internet accounts.

5. Save 70% of the money that would be spent on buying computers. Just buy only the monitors and other necesary periphirals instead of the buyingthe whole computer set.

6. Improve the teaching and learning of computer or the promotion of IT usage in your school by giving every student access to computer.

7. Reduce wastage on the workspace. Ordinary computers waste alot of space that make it impossible to fill your office/ library with the required number of computer. With this system your just need space for the monitor!