Cloud Hosting

Are you tired of paying alot of money on softwares? Do you face challenges using your computer due to viruses and expensive software maintainances costs? How regularly do you update your software?
In these days of technological advancement, you need to keep the software you use at your company always updated to avoid risks of viruses and data loss. companies are forced to invest heavily in data recovery systems, data backup systems and complicated security IT systems to protect their enterprises.
Amazimgly, every company MUST invest in IT in order to catch up with the rate at which business is done. IT will save time and money that would have been lost if ordinary mecahnisms are employed.
Royalty is now giving assurance against risks involved in the use of modern IT. You do not need to worry about computer virus attacks, data loss, data disasters and other risks. With our cloud hosting, we have deployed reliable techologies to protect you loosing money and time and threfore give you time to concentrate on what is more important; giving your customers the best services.
With our cloud hosting, we have a number of software installed just for you to use. Our powerful disaster recovery systems and high volume data backup technologies are here for your own business assurance.
You don't need to buy software that will worry you about updates and virus attacks. We have anumber of software installed in our system (SaaS). Just choose from our rich selection and start using. We have Finance management software, School management software, Customer relationship management software, Presentation software, Computer operating systems (Windows & Linux) and many other types of software. Just choose to pay for a monthly license and we will handle the updates, backups and all the data assurance for you.
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What is unique with our Cloud?

  • Uptime is guranteed at 100% meaning you will always have you data up ready to be used.
  • Powered by a mesh of 1Gbps Ethernet connections and connectd to multiple Tier 1 IP backbone providers. We use only the best routing and switching equipment from Cisco, Extreme Networks and Riverstone for maximum throughput.
  • Multiple bandwidth providers (Globalcrossing, Sprint, and Level3 (through WBS), Abovenet, XO, Cogent, Highwinds and public and private peering.
  • All transit connections are routed over single 1 Gbps Ethernet links which gives multi-giga bit data capacity.
  • Fully redundant network with no single point of failure.
  • Multiple layers of network security
  • State of the art Data Center with backup power generators and HVAC units.
  •  Our self-healing network architecture virtually eliminates a single point of failure. In addition to our own backbone, we also purchase backup transit from multiple providers in multiple locations to ensure that your data will arrive via the shortest possible routes. Because of our backup transit and the many international peers, our network maintains the shortest routes for sending your data all over the world. On an ongoing basis, we are negotiating with the top fiber carriers for new routes, additional backup transit providers, and we are signing on new peering relationships.
  • Our switched network utilizes the Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 (BGP4) over Cisco 12000 series GSR routers. We always update the router's IOS after we have stress tested the latest IOS on a non-critical router, to make sure it is very stable. The switch that your equipment will ultimately be connected to is connected back to a core router via fiber. This means when one part of the Internet slows down your site will not be caught in the bottleneck. All of our servers are fast Dual Xeon based technology with 4GB of RAM. We keep our servers at less than 50% capacity so even when traffic peaks, our servers won't overload.