Travel in Uganda

Getting around in Uganda There are no passenger trains and hardly any ferries. Buses and matatus (minibus) are cheap but unreliable and not much cop if you want to explore the parks. Boda-bodas (motorbike taxis) are for those with nerves of steel. Roads are of a reasonable standard and self-drive car hire is available but fuel is expensive. You can also […]

Uganda Experiences-Travel

Uganda Attractions And Landmarks Guide The “Switzerland of Africa,” as it’s sometimes known for its wealth of mountains and lakes and overall scenic beauty, suffered terribly under the regime of Idi Amin back in the 1970s and subsequent civil unrest after he was deposed. (The film The Last King of Scotland, starring Forrest Whitaker, paints […]

Uganda Travel Guide

Uganda is located in east-central Africa, situated north and northwest of Lake Victoria. It is a landlocked country bordered by Sudan on the North, Kenya on the east, Tanzania on the South, Rwanda on the southwest and Dem. Rep. The Congo on the northwest. The greater part of Uganda consists of a plateau about 4,000 […]