Advantages of the System

The system aims at solving the following challenges;
 The system aims at fighting Indiscipline among students. Since the system has SMS and email alerts, the parent will be alerted whenever a student engages in any illicit act and whenever the school introduces any fee.

 The system also reduces on the cost of printing since all reports can be automatically generated In PDF formats ready for viewing and printing. In this case, a parent or teacher can just login the assigned account and view the student performances in case of classroom attendances, school fees payments, and academic performances among others.

 The system also promotes the use of internet since the school will be charged with the training of the parents, students and teachers on usage. In this way a large section of the community will be able to use internet.

 The system also aims at solving the problem of duplication of administrative work. In this case each officer will be charged with only what he/she is supposed to. For instance, the bursar will record fees, each subject teacher will login to roll call or record student performance and at the end everything will be produced automatically to save time.

 The system is integrated with an e-learning platform. This helps the student to login and access learning materials and assignments from wherever he has access to the internet. This reduces the student- teacher ratio to 1:1 since each student can fully interact with his teacher.
 Over 80% of the administrative time is saved since major events are automatically reported by the system.