About Our Company

Our Vision

A leading IT company in East Africa

Our Mission

To be a family brand known for quality services in East Africa

Our Core values

At Royalty we believe that our employees are our king contrary to the common beliefe that a customer is our boss.
This belief has helped us to meet drastic growth over the years as it makes our human resource own the company leading to improved services.
We believe that when we offer the best quality services, we will lead to customer satisfaction and this will help us to get more referals to help us easily meet our projectionss.
With this belief, We promote our staff to generate ideas that drive our company instead of them getting commands and directions from the administrators.

Who we are

Royalty Media & Communications Ltd started in 2007, we have been helping companies and individuals to improve their brand visility on the internet as well as helping school owners to easily manage their schools with our cost saving Virtualisation technology and school management software.

Founded in Uganda, East Africa, the company Royalty is one of the companies reputed for solving bproblems faced by companies and indviduals in the company. The company has invested in inovative technologies and building staff capacity to support in delivering the company's promise.

The company's brand, ...for people with Status! is a continuos reminder to the company that we are aiming at solving challenges that our clients meet in there day-to-day business life. We believe this why may people are continiung to come to us whenever they have a challenge.